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ABOUT the scheme 

It’s been a long time coming but Western Australia’s container deposit scheme is now up and running providing charities a great new way to raise funds.

Run by Containers for Change, the program provides a refund of 10 cents for each eligible container that is returned to a Refund Point.

The program is designed to reduce both landfills and litter and increase interest in sustainable practices and recycling. It also gives charities a great opportunity to fundraise.

What type of containers can be exchanged?

Most containers made from glass, plastic, steel, aluminium and liquid paperboard between 150ml and 3L will be eligible for a refund. This includes things like beer bottles, plastic water bottles, soda cans, juice boxes and flavoured milk cartons.

Containers that are not included in the scheme are plain milk and cordial containers, bottles containing wine or pure spirits, containers over 1 litre that had pure fruit/vegetable juice or flavoured milk. These items can still be recycled through the normal yellow curbside recycling bins.

The scheme is limited primarily to those containers which are most commonly discarded as litter.

You can find the list of eligible and ineligible containers here.

The containers must have the refund mark. Many will already have them as container schemes have been operating in South Australia and the Northern Territory for years, however, local producers have two years to display the mark on their products.

The containers must be empty and the lids must be removed.

How to start depositing your containers

Before heading to a collection point ensure you have our scheme ID recorded. This allows you to direct your funds to us!

Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation Scheme ID: C10339406 

Alternatively, scan this QR at a collection point.

Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation QR Code 



Where are the refund collection points?

There are three ways to direct your refund to the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.

Reverse Vending Machines

Where you scan the barcode of the eligible container and the machine keeps the container. RVMs then allow you to forgo your refund and direct it to us.


Depots allow customers to return containers and direct their refund on the spot. Containers are counted by friendly staff or by machine. Then simply provide our scheme ID to have your refund directed to us.

Some depots also offer drive-through or in-house bag drop services, allowing customers to quickly drop off their containers.

Bag Drops 

Bag drops offer a convenient and contact-free way to recycle and direct your funds to us.

At these sites, remember three key steps:

  • Bag it: Place your containers in your own biodegradable bags or in the operator’s bags.
  • Tag it: Use the labels from your local refund point or write our scheme ID and name on the bag.
  • Drop it: Drop your containers at your local bag drop refund point.

Once your bag of containers is picked up and counted, we will receive the funds.


To find your nearest location please visit containersforchange.com.au ensuring your chosen location offers, refunds via a Scheme ID.