Over the years Leon Pericles has produced etchings for his kids, ‘Etching for Nia’ and ‘Damien’s Kite’ and now he has completed a beautiful little piece for his wife: ‘Etching for Moi’

This work tells a story of Leon’s love. The lighthouse represents Moi as a strong figure who has withstood a lifetime of storms, but whose light shines regardless.

The musical clouds speak to Moi’s passion for classical music and the lighthouse is surrounded by a sea of floating flowers reflecting her capacity to remain buoyant, happy and positive.

Moira’s name is spelt out in nautical flags.

Leon and Moira, together with Linton and Kay Galleries are giving all proceeds of sales of this work to the Foundation.

This very special artwork is sold as an unframed etching with only 150 editions available.

Etching for Moi
16 x 7 cm
$450 unframed

Please contact Linton Kay Galleries on (08) 9388 3300