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The future of Alzheimer’s research

We are at the forefront in the fight against Alzheimer’s. To maintain our edge and meet the challenge, we need to grow, seize every advantage and become the world class research facility that we have the potential to be.

The Ralph and Patricia Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute (NRI) is an exciting new world class facility designed to house five of the state’s premier neurological research organisations, and foster collaboration of these major neuroscience research groups in Western Australia.

Our team will be able to build on fledgling work with: Ear Science Institute Australia examining the link between hearing loss and dementia; Parkinson’s disease research with WANRI, recognising that frequently features of both diseases are found together in the one person; and continue research into the relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, with Curtin University.

This will foster interaction, collaboration and innovation, while reducing duplication across a diverse group of neuroscience specialists.

The building will provide the facilities required for the consolidation of the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation team and the means of readily sharing equipment, methods and outcomes with other internationally standard researchers.

With a $2.4million grant from LotteryWest already committed, as well as a partnership with Lions Clubs who are raising funds Australia-wide for provision of essential laboratory equipment, the NRI will allow the Foundation the opportunity to lead the future of Alzheimer’s research.