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Losing a family member or friend is never easy. Your memories of your loved ones remain though, and can provide comfort during the challenging times. We hope that by providing the opportunity for you, and your family and friends, to remember your loved one with a memorial gift we are also providing some comfort.

Alzheimer’s disease or dementia may have affected your loved one or another family member, or be a cause they supported during their life. A memorial gift is an opportunity to fight the disease that affected your loved one, or to continue their support, in their memory.


Ways to make a memorial gift

You may wish to make a gift in your loved one’s memory, or for family and friends to have the opportunity to make a memorial contribution at a funeral or memorial service, or to invite friends and family to honour an anniversary with a gift. Whatever way you choose to remember your loved one will save the memories of families and friends in the future.

We can assist by providing donation slips and envelopes for use at the funeral service. These can be sent directly to the funeral director for your convenience.

If you wish to notify guests of your wishes in the funeral notice, your funeral director should be able to assist you. Alternatively, please feel free to use our suggested wording: “Should friends wish to make a memorial donation to remember <name of your loved one>, please direct gifts to Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, P O Box 963, Nedlands WA 6909.”

We will send a tax-deductible receipt to everyone who makes a memorial donation, and can update the nominated family member of the total donated. If the donor wishes, we will also advise the family who has made memorial gifts.

Make a gift in memory of your loved one

Contact us to arrange memorial gifts at your loved one’s funeral or memorial service


Celebration gifts

Weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, graduations. All celebrations that leave us with memories to cherish throughout our lives. Alzheimer’s disease cruelly takes those memories from too many. Your support of the research of the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation will help save those memories.


Making a donation in lieu of gifts

You can honour your memories of a special person, support the research of the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, and join in the fight to save memories by making a donation in lieu of a gift for a special occasion or milestone.

Our friendly staff at the Foundation can arrange for the gift recipient to be directly sent a card acknowledging your generous act. Or we can send the card to you so you can present it to them at your convenience.

Contact us to make a donation in lieu of a gift for a special occasion


Requesting donations in lieu of gifts at your special occasion

Do you wish to remember or honour a family member or friend who has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia at your special occasion? You can arrange for your family and friends to remember with you, or simply appreciate the value of memories by requesting donations be made in lieu of gifts to support the vision of the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation for an Alzheimer’s free world.

We can assist by providing donation slips and envelopes for you to hand out or email to your friends and family.

Contact us to ask your friends and family to give to Alzheimer’s research in lieu of gifts at your special occasion