The Foundation has a new name

There is a growing threat to our community. An increasing number of us are personally affected by the harsh reality of the devastation of Alzheimer’s disease. The significant medical breakthrough needed to make this disease a distant memory has never been so strong.

We have a shared mission – to ensure Alzheimer’s disease will no longer steal dignity, independence or memories.

The Foundation has Grown

Over the last few years the Foundation has had a period of rapid growth, followed by review and consolidation. This growth has seen the Foundation substantially increase its turnover; sponsor clinical trials in its own right; and start to build a national presence – particularly through membership of the national Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Mental Health, as well as the establishment of clinical trials in Sydney.

Reflecting on our growth and following careful consideration, in early 2016 the Board adopted an exciting new strategic plan. This plan charts a new direction for the Foundation, building on its current base.

Recognising our past as well as the future opportunities, and following considerable discussion with our patron Malcolm McCusker QC and the McCusker family, the Board proposed and members agreed that the Foundation change its name. This will enable us to readily meet our new goals and strengthen our reach.

A New Name

The McCusker family are very much in favour of this change and will continue their support of the Foundation and Professor Ralph Martins. This change was proposed and adopted at the Foundation’s AGM in 2016.

As of 1st December 2016 we became the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation. Our branding and communication links will remain the same.

One of our biggest ongoing efforts, and as part of our strengthened strategic direction, is to secure space in the Ralph and Patricia Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute (NRI). The opportunity to be part of the NRI and become the world class research facility that we have the potential to be will place the Foundation at the leading edge in our fight against Alzheimer’s.

Being part of this new facility strengthens our capacity and signals exciting new activities such as a more significant clinical trials role, the potential development of a memory clinic, and reinforces our relationship with Universities such as ECU.

Thank you for your interest in the fight for memories.

For further information please contact us on 08 9347 4200 or