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Become a regular giver

We all hope that we will have an Alzheimer’s free world very soon. Until then please consider joining our group of loyal and ongoing supporters, the Pledge for Memories Partners.

Our Memory Partners make small donations at a regularity they choose – monthly, quarterly, bi-annually. You can adjust or stop your donation at any time.

By becoming a regular donor of research into Alzheimer’s disease you join us on a journey towards finding a cure or treatment, and ultimately towards an Alzheimer’s free world.

Together we can save memories by planning the journey instead of a step.

We will send out one receipt in July each year showing all your donations made during the financial year.

Set up a monthly donation to help save the memories of someone you care about.

To find out more about the pledge for memories partners contact us on 08 6457 0253 or email info@alzheimers.com.au