As world leaders, the Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation is involved in collaborative research across the globe, working with organisations to follow our vision – a world in which Alzheimer’s no longer exists.

Preventing Dementia is a free online course run by the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, based in Tasmania, about the latest research in dementia risk and protective factors.

Participants will learn about the risk factors for dementia from leading world experts, so you can examine the evidence and reduce your risk.

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), is suited to everyone – whether you are an individual with an interest in brain health and/or dementia risk reduction, or an allied health professional, clinician, aged care service provider or health policy professional.

Dementia has a profound impact on individuals, families and communities, and the number of people with dementia across the world increases every year as our global population ages. It’s now one of the most significant health, social and economic issues of the 21st century.

 It’s never too early or too late to reduce your risk.

The impacts of dementia, including loss of physical and cognitive capacity, are felt community wide. The latest research estimates that up to 40% of dementia cases may be preventable by attending to potentially modifiable risk factors. The Preventing Dementia MOOC draws on the latest scientific evidence, as well as the expertise of leading global experts in dementia research and education to outline and discuss the key risk factors for dementia. You’ll hear from expert neuroscientists, clinicians and epidemiologists as they outline ways you may be able to reduce your risk.

Myths and controversies will be discussed, and you’ll also have an opportunity to participate in new research in this area. Knowledge is the key to understanding prevention

To obtain the most from this course, participants should expect to spend approximately 2 hours per week engaging with the content and completing related course activities. The 4 weeks of scheduled content is released weekly and is accessible across 6 weeks in total, with the additional 2 weeks providing time to catch up on (or review), content. After successfully completing the final quiz, participants will be eligible to download a certificate of completion.


Duration: 4 weeks

Estimated effort: 2 hours per week

Cost: Free

Available on your computer, tablet or phone 24/7

Preventing Dementia MOOC. The next offering of this course opens in May.  More details can be found at